Optimizing Finance Department’s Working Practices: Inprosec Offer

Do you want to start your career in a sector with a future? Are you a graduate in Computer Engineering or Telecommunications Technology Engineering? At Inprosec you will have the opportunity to develop professionally in our IT department.


During 6 months of paid internship you will perform the following tasks:

  • Management of company user devices.
  • Monitoring and control of incidents.
  • Support to users in the use of corporate software.
  • Improvement in the use of tools.
  • Management in the IT department.
  • Internal systems projects.
  • Infrastructure design.


We hope it’s the offer you’re looking for. Here are the links to sign up:

FUVI: https://secretaria.uvigo.gal/uv/web/ptc/public/convocatoria/show/16325

FEUGA: https://www.becasfeuga.es/ofertas/11096/ver

FUAC: https://www.fundacion.udc.es/oferta.asp?id=3660&idioma=ES

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