Schools in the Centenary of Telecommunication Engineering

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In today’s post we would like to share with you a very important book for the history of Telecommunications Engineering. It contains the history of the different Faculties of Telecommunications Engineering throughout our country, with great prominence of the School of Telecommunications Engineering of Vigo.

In it, our CEO has contributed his grain of sand collaborating with Íñigo Cuiñas.

For this we will leave you the testimony of our CEO, Iago Fortes to support the preparation of the book:

El año de tu promoción

2004 (it was when I presented the End of Career Project), in the school I started in 1998.

A testimony about what the School represents in your career and/or in your life

Studying a career as a Telecommunications Engineer has been a challenge, but one of those with an effort that gives its fruits and results. I consider that it has given me a lot on a personal and professional level, even though the connection between universities and companies in general is an important issue to improve. For me in particular, it also allowed me to spend a year of Erasmus at DTU in Denmark, a university of recognized prestige and which has also contributed a lot to my training and development. Finally at the school I had the good fortune and opportunity to work directly with the Management Team in my PFC (Final Project) and even derived from this to have my first professional opportunity. But without a doubt, what I am most happy and proud of is two things:

    • Having had the opportunity to work again with professors who had taught me, in some cases teaching them myself, in my field, cybersecurity.
    • Having the opportunity to work with many Teleco engineers in my day-to-day work, many of them also former students of the school, despite being in a field that practically did not exist when I studied.

Your current professional activity

Founder and Manager of an SME of services (consulting) in the cybersecurity world, activity that I combine with collaborations with several universities and business schools, etc.


If you want to take a look at the book and especially the section on UVigo (pages 20-23), we leave you the link:


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