SAPinsider EMEA 2022 Summary

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SAPinsider EMEA 2022 was held from November 15-17 in Vienna, Austria, at the Austria Center Vienna. The event welcomed a global community of SAP users, experts and partners interested in sharing and learning about the latest developments in the industry.

During the three-day event, more than 100 presentations were given on 6 main themes:

  • Finance
  • GRC
  • Cloud, Operations & Platform
  • Cybersecurity and Data & Analytics

Our colleagues Iago Fortes (CEO), Inés Lamas (International Sales Manager) and Jose Martín (Senior SAP Consultant) have been able to attend and enjoy many of them. Below, we will highlight some of them, such as:

  • Taking Access Control to the Next Level by Managing Systems from Multiple Platforms, by Marcelo Monsores (SAP GRC SME) – Zurich Insurance Company.

This presentation was very interesting, mainly for its technical and current content. It reviewed the following concepts:

    • Main classes/interfaces used in the integration scenarios of SAP GRC Access Control modules.
    • Possible integration strategies of non-SAP systems with the different SAP GRC AC modules.
    • Use of cross-application risks for the execution of risk analysis between systems.


  • How DeltaBike Protects Trade Secrets with Levels-Based Access Management, by Tobias Keller (Product Manager for SAP UI Logging and UI Masking) – SAP.

Lecture with practical and real examples on the use of ABAC Policies (Attribute-based access control). This is a configuration that is part of SAP UI Data Protection Masking, complementary to the classic access management through roles. With the objective of masking fields and attributes of sensitive fields during the execution of Fiori business applications (mainly related to materials management and purchasing).


  • The importance of continuous SAP Security monitoring in hybrid landscapes, by Sinisa Medic (SAP Security Architect) – Swiss Security Hub AG.

Through which the importance of continuous and automated SAP security monitoring is emphasized. The goal will be to strengthen cyber defenses during the transition to SAP S/4HANA and ensure that systems remain secure.


  • Everything you always wanted to know about securing RISE with S/4HANA, by Patrick Boch (Product Manager) – SAP.

This talk gave an overview of RISE security services with SAP S/4HANA, answering some questions such as:

    • What customers should consider when migrating to SAP S/4HANA cloud.
    • How SAP can secure their new core ERP solution for them.

In addition, we were able to dive deeper into the security implications of SAP S/4HANA and learn what areas are important to focus on when transitioning to the cloud.


  • Managing global risks in SAP GRC, by Rienk de Boer (Global P&CI Manager) – Heineken.

Through which she explained how they manage global risks in SAP GRC in Heineken, the different challenges they have faced during the development of this software and the 3 lessons learned during the process. The conclusions drawn from this interesting talk are more than clear:

  • Clear governance and direction on access risk management is key in a complex, multinational and decentralized environment.
  • It is important to innovate and improve in waves or cycles.
  • Tools should follow processes, not the other way around (a tool is to support you and your process).

Finally, we would like to conclude by saying that SAPinsider EMEA 2022 has been an enriching event and we would like to thank the management and the great welcome we received in Vienna from the organizers. This event has allowed us to learn more about the mid-term strategy of SAP solutions, discovering future updates and new features that will be available to help customers in their activities. In addition, we would like to highlight the numerous networking opportunities we had with customers and suppliers, and the presentations in which we have learned new concepts or reviewed real examples of very interesting products. For all these reasons, we hope to continue attending this great event in the coming years.

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