On November 17th the SAP GRC 2020 EMEA event will start. Due to the current circumstances of the pandemic it will be done virtually.

During the event, 7 real cases about different implementations/improvements of the GRC systems of SAP customers will be presented. This point is one of the most interesting in this type of event since it gives visibility to real cases of clients and recommendations and lessons learned from each of them.

On the other hand, and from a global point of view, there will be about 20 presentations on different topics within the SAP GRC Area that will inform about where the sector is heading and the latest news brought by SAP.

This event is of great importance, and from Inprosec we have attended since our beginnings identifying it as the key event in the area of SAP GRC. It is an important event for networking and for learning from the cases presented by the customers about the implementations of the different tools that SAP has within the SAP GRC Area (Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management, Audit Management, Identity Access Management).

From Inprosec, we have communicated and publicized the virtual event internally to our SAP Team and externally to our customers so that we can take advantage of this event to learn more about the SAP GRC Area and understand where the industry is headed and what new products are being designed to meet the current needs of SAP customers in the GRC Area.

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