Measuring the hardware capacities for OT Devices in an ICS

To measure the capacity of a hardware, we need to prepare a complete test environment that can monitor the state of the device’s resources and the size of the traffic it is handling.
it is handling. To do this we need to use tools capable of channeling a variety of traffic sizes and intensity to better control the traffic on the network.

In today’s post, “Measuring the hardware capacities for OT Devices in an ICS”, a new article by Saber Mhiri, CRO (Chief Research Officer) of InprOTech. It will introduce and explain a variety of simple and easy-to-use tools that can be used for hardware testing in chapter 1. Chapter 2 will present the test environment that we have created for this test target. Finally, the results of our experiment using the aforementioned test environment will be presented.


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