International Congress on Latin American Industrial Cybersecurity

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Last week Alejandro Vargas, Inprosec’s sales manager in Mexico, attended the International Congress on Latin American Industrial Cybersecurity.

In Mexico, 1. 5 million cyber-attacks are received daily, causing losses of $110 billion. So the question is thrown up, are we prepared to respond to a cyber attack?

During the event, it was emphasized that in the year 2025, in Mexico, 300 million devices will be connected; the computational power of the data centers will be multiplied by 500 and 90% of the data will be in the cloud. What causes all this? That the risk of being attacked will increase proportionally.

Data privacy in the industrial sector

Another topic was the fines that several companies have received for the incorrect treatment of personal data, giving as an example the following:

  • Vivo, which was fined $10 million for sharing personal data.
  • Google, in Argentina, also suffered a fine for not allowing a user to access her personal data.
  • Colmedica, received the highest fine imposed, with a value of 1,034 million pesos.
  • British Airways, was fined $230 million dollars for stealing data from its passengers.

Fundamental requirements and services of an Industrial SOC

During the congress, they suggested a series of questions that a company should ask itself in order to make a quick analysis of its cyber security: are there cyber security experts in your company’s WO team, are they Is your network protected and operational? how will your company respond to a global attack?


  • Security Worker Training
  • Risk Management
  • Advanced Configuration


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Security Lab


  • Coordinated Company-wide
  • Responses
  • Continuous Improvement

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