InprOTech obtains the Neotec

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At InprOTech we are in luck, we have obtained the Neotec, a series of aids destined to new business projects of innovative companies dependent on the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology). This aid forms part of the State Sub-Programme for Business R+D+i within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2017-2020.

We have achieved this feat thanks to our project entitled: “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN NETWORK THREAT SAFETY ANALYSIS IN THE INDUSTRY” or its acronym “SANTI. IA”. So that you can get an idea of this project we leave you this link to a DEMO of it:

We would like to congratulate the InprOTech team for all the work they have done so far. This news shows that all the effort and commitment they have put into InprOTech has been rewarded. Thanks to this help, InprOTech’s situation is much more favorable, since it allows us to define and provide it with a structure and a plan for at least the next 2 years.

Finally, we achieved a score of 82 points, ranking 22nd out of 99 grants awarded, while a total of 453 projects were rejected. It is certainly something to be proud of and very good news in these times and in this year-end straight and the atypical Christmas we will have. Another reason for our happiness is the fact that several companies that have coincided with us in the BFA (Muutech and Norlean) have achieved the aid with the same assessment as us.

Here is the link to the official resolutions:

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