Interview with Yoel Rodríguez

What is your role within Inprosec?

Within Inprosec, my functions are divided between the Finance department and the Marketing department .

What would you highlight about your functions within the company?

Being involved in several areas gives me different points of view, I consider myself a flexible person so I think I fit perfectly in this type of role. From the Marketing side, I would prefer to be able to manage a department in a slightly broader way, and from Finance the controlling tasks, which are the most common.

What has Inprosec meant in your professional career?

For me, Inprosec has been a turning point in my professional career since it has allowed me to dedicate myself to the most purely financial part of the company. It has also given me the opportunity to delve into issues of strategy, organization and marketing that had always caught my attention, but I had not been able to carry them out professionally. In addition, it has allowed me to participate in projects of different kinds that make my work motivating and dynamic.

How do you manage to reconcile personal and professional life?

Conciliation in Inprosec is simple, since the company has various policies that help you. Among them, flexible hours , remote work or Friday afternoons off allow me to carry out other activities that would not be possible without this flexibility.

Tell us an anecdote that has caught your attention in a situation in a stage in Inprosec

Well, without a doubt, I would highlight the good work environment . I was pleasantly surprised from the beginning by the way all the people who make up Inprosec interact, everyone offered to help me in any way, and despite the fact that we quickly worked remotely due to the pandemic, I felt like one of the others . As a more particular anecdote, I’d highlight Inprosec’s commitment to young talent and growth, when I joined I was the youngest person on the entire staff, a year and a half later I think I’m not even among the top 5.

What do you value most about working at a company like Inprosec?

What I value most, without a doubt, is the great work environment that exists in Inprosec in every way, I especially highlight the predisposition that all the people have to help you and contribute everything that is necessary. This is always vital, especially in the early stages where you need more help. Another point that I always highlight is training . We all have a personalized Training Plan that helps us progress and improve our knowledge.

As an employee of a company specializing in cybersecurity, what is your advice to any entrepreneur who is just starting out regarding their systems?

If I had to keep only one piece of advice, it would be the training of people. It is vital that all workers know certain policies and practices for the safety of their companies and themselves. Zero risk does not exist, but you can always mitigate it. Additionally, I would recommend the use of simple and free tools such as password managers, which make your life easier and safer.

What are your hobbies at the end of the working day?

My main hobbies are all those activities that I can do outdoors, whether it’s playing sports or just going for a walk on the beach. I really enjoy spending time with my friends and my partner, whether traveling, enjoying dinner or just having a beer on a terrace.

Also, this last year, I have started to train junior football and it is definitely something that I will continue to do as it is something that I have a lot of fun with.

Who do you “nominate” for us to interview next and why?

I nominate our colleague Juan González , SAP Consultant who surely has many interesting things to tell.

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