Interview with Javier Nogueira

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Today we interviewed Inprosec’s IT manager, Javier Nogueira. We hope you can learn about his experience working in our company.

What is your role within Inprosec?

I am Javier Nogueira and I am in charge of the IT area in the organization. I started to collaborate in September 2020 with the company through a format that is in high demand today, which is Interim Management, where senior talent joins companies in development and with great growth potential. As an internal department of Inprosec, our mission is to offer employees and business areas a level of quality support, managing suppliers, material resources and budgets allocated to the area. We have direct responsibility for the development of the group’s ERP and HR/HR tool as well as the management and development of the reporting system to the Management Committee (Business Intelligence).

Additionally, we carry out projects related to process efficiency and improvement of recurring tasks throughout the organization. This allows Inprosec to be a competitive company and to be prepared for sustainable and scalable growth. It is incredible the level of digitalization we are achieving!

What would you highlight about your functions within the company?

Without a doubt I would highlight the strong commitment that exists for the people in the organization. This commitment is materialized in the firm commitment from the Management to place Inprosec at the forefront of Human Capital policies, so that in the strategic plan, the People Axis is a fundamental pillar for the achievement of the global objectives.

Joining Inprosec implies a unique professional development opportunity for those people who enter the labor market for the first time, since there is an accompaniment from the very first moment, with a personalized development plan. The firm commitment to training and the fact of being able to participate in projects with very important clients through managers with extensive professional experience makes Inprosec a very attractive company to work for.

How do you manage to reconcile personal and professional life?

That’s a good question! In my case I am lucky enough to have two children to whom I like to dedicate time. This includes being able to take them to school and pick them up almost every day. For me the flexibility in my schedule and not having to waste time commuting is very important, since it allows me to keep my work organized and maximize the time dedicated to my professional work.

Tell us an anecdote that has caught your attention in a situation in a stage in Inprosec

My start at Inprosec coincided with the end of the hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. I was convinced that I was going to find a typical company dependent on local infrastructure, with servers, data and procedures designed for a presence based on a classic IT infrastructure model. In addition, I had the intuition that the pandemic had caused organizational chaos, since for the implementation of the new teleworking paradigm, procedures and tools would have been improvised with the aim of continuing the productive work of the company.

But nothing could be further from the truth! I found a company where teleworking was already in place long before the pandemic. With well-established policies and procedures, with total independence from the physical infrastructure of the office and with approved (and tested) continuity plans. It was worthy of a true IT governance success story. They even had a perfectly designed telematic InproBeers (quarterly meeting of Inprosec employees for a beer).

As an employee of a company specializing in cybersecurity, what is your advice to any entrepreneur who is just starting out regarding their systems?

A couple of recommendations:

  • Have a budget to carry out a cybersecurity plan commensurate with your company size. Design an implementation plan that includes internal processes and procedures, systems maintenance, network security and access control, backups and maintenance and upgrades. And don’t forget to have a continuity plan.
  • Do not rely on companies where cybersecurity is presented as the installation of a firewall and antivirus. Analyze the main risks of your business and prioritize actions that minimize the weak points in line with the designed plan. And remember that there are specialized companies that will be able to help you with cybersecurity.

What are your hobbies at the end of the working day?

My hobbies include in-door sports (sitting on the couch) such as Formula 1 or tennis. I go cycling when the weather permits and what I most enjoy doing with my family is traveling!

Who do you “nominate” for us to interview next and why?

I nominate Jaime Souto, partner of InprOTech, who I am sure can give us very interesting information about InprOTech Guardian and its technology.

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