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In an era characterized by the increase of Digitalization, companies need to define their cybersecurity posture to ensure their survival. Therefore, on May 26th we attended an event organized by the Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia: Las Palancas de Ciberseguridad.

During the day there were several presentations of which we will highlight the most important:

Grupo Oesía

They emphasized the importance of the level of awareness in companies. On the other hand, they mentioned malware as one of the most dangerous attacks, and explained their service in this field.

Roberto Baratta – Abanca

  • Cybersecurity is the biggest risk in the banking sector today.
  • Not only must it be present in multinationals and SMEs to avoid their risks, it also indirectly affects the banking sector. This factor is beginning to be a determining factor when offering loans and services to companies.
  • An example was given of the repercussions of a cybersecurity incident: on Friday there was a robbery in the Vigo office, and the clients who were in the office at the time did not stop coming this week. If it were to be a cyber-attack, they would probably reconsider changing banks.

Belen Perez – Pescanova

  • A cybersecurity failure can ruin everything that has been done for years. Nowadays, companies are much more exposed due to digitalization, so they must invest in cybersecurity.
  • It is essential to make the business understand that an incident can impact their accounts, but also their users. An example: due to malware, all the employees of a Galician company had to go on an ERTE due to a lack of funds.
  • Today, cybersecurity is not only more than the IT department, but it will be in charge of guiding the other areas. The needs are different depending on each department, so guidelines must be defined according to each case.
  • We must know the impact of each of the assets on the business, and from there invest according to the priority set.

Carlos Lopez – Estrella Galicia:

  • In a traditional market such as beer, you must have a great capacity for digital transformation.
  • The reputation of the brand in this sector is critical, so you must have your servers updated and your staff constantly trained.
  • What is not known cannot be managed, which implies the need to carry out a constant search to have information on everything that is at risk.
  • Being identified as a brand of digital awareness is key, in addition to the reputation it can bring, it gives a solid brand image.


  • There are two types of companies, those that are hacked and those that do not know it.
  • Lack of security in an organization always has an impact.


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