Denial of Service. Can your systems face this attack?

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Much has been said about Denial of Service attacks during these last months. The extreme vulnerabilities shown against these kind of attacks (Sony, Spotify..) put back into question the cibersecurity.

Denial of service is a type of attack that undermines the “availability”, which aims to limit access or use to an information system. But … how do these dreaded attacks work?

The most common mechanics are very simple, because they only have to do one thing: ask a system to give more than it can deliver. Thus, forcing it to process a quantity of data greater than its possibilities, the system will stop attending to other tasks or requests, causing a temporal unavailability.

However, when the element comes from an external network (Internet), the way of contention is simple. Just by denying or deriving all requests that come from the attacker, we can protect ourselves from attack.

That’s where the Distributed Denial of Service comes in. What would happen if the attacker who made the requests are in reality are millions?.

Beeing protected against y far from simple, and not all host are prepareded to resist these attacks.

Would you like to know if your systems can handle this kind of attacks and how much it cost leaving your sysems unavailable in the black market?



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