Key Takeaways from SAP GRC Barcelona Event


On March 12 and 13, our team attended the SAP GRC event (Internal Controls, Compliance and Risk Management in SAP) held in Barcelona. In this SAP International Conference, user cases have been exposed with the best practices, the latest trends and updates from the industry and exciting demonstrations.

As always we have collected the main conclusions to share them with you.

What we highlight?

  • The functionality of the event due to the low technical content, designed for those responsible for Internal Control, Business Risk Management and Audit (Audit Management).


  • As in the latest SAP events, the term Three Lines of Defense has been highlighted, which refers to Risks (Risk Management), Controls (Process Control) and Audit (Audit Management).


  • The “Intelligent Enterprise” has been treated with the use of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence, although, for now, it is done on SAP with external systems such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and Automation Anywhere. Currently, this technology is used to automate repetitive tasks such as reviewing emergency access logs and executing the life cycle of controls in Process Control.


  • The use of Adobe Interactive Forms for Process Control has also been highlighted. The reasons are simple, it is an application that allows the user to act by covering a PDF without having to access the GRC system and does not require practically training. In Inprosec we have already implemented this tool in several clients and with success.


  • In short, this event has served us to learn more about SAP GRC long-term strategy and how the On-Premise solution and the Cloud solution will coexist.

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