Key Takeaways from SAPinsider 2019 Even


From 25 to 27 June 2019, our SAP Team attended the SAPinsider 2019 event held in Amsterdam (Netherlands). The meeting brought together a huge amount of attendees, including SAP international experts and leading global practitioners of five different themes. More than 200 presentations related to SAP GRC, Cybersecurity, HANA, Administration and Financials were given.

This year the participants benefited from many enriching and gripping presentations as well as successful business case studies and the most recent SAP GRC advances and upgrades. Between all of them, we have selected some of the ones which were considered to be the most interesting.

The Highlights

  • There were a lot of stands of SAP partners offering solutions (automated tools) such as Onapsis-VirtualForge, CSI Tools or Security Weaver to name but a few. GRC SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance and HANA were the most outstanding applications, emphasizing their interconnection with SAP GRC Access Control.
  • Successful case studies also stand out from the content of the event, specially, it is worth mentioning the case of Deutsche Telekom lead by Miguel Núñez, former colleague and employee of Inprosec, who presented two remarkable cases about GRC in HANA.
  • Regarding the most recent SAP GRC novelties and improvements, we find it worthwhile alluding to the following ones:
    • SAP GRC Access Control:
      • Improvement in Fiori App
      • Possibility of the user creating user review requests (UAR).
    • SAP GRC Process Control:
      • Standalone Rules: SAP GRC 12.0 makes it possible to set Business Rules without being necessary to associate them to a control. This allows users to report exceptions without the Control Owner prior approval.
      • Queries Center: Application which allows to test, validate and simulate Business Rules with neither technical modifications nor the need for rule transportation.

All in all, the event allowed us to learn more about SAP GRC and to become up to date on SAP GRC breaking news and progressions.

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