10th anniversary of Inprosec

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The year 2010 passed, in a context of economic crisis, when our CEO Iago Fortes, decided to start Inprosec exclusively on his own, after the failure of a joint project with a British parent company, due to the lack of investors caused by the deteriorated image of our country at that time. Iago had just finished an MBA at Vigo’s business school (Caixanova). His master’s degree project was the germ of Inprosec. This project had been tutored by Álvaro Gómez who will become part of the project, as a partner, in 2017.


Inprosec Office in the “Cámara de Comercio de Vigo”


Thanks to the support received from the Vigo Chamber of Commerce, while we were at the Nursery, our company was beginning to take shape. With the help of David Torres, Inprosec’s first intern, they started a small-scale project, which with a lot of effort and dedication, began to make a name for itself in the cyber security sector. It is worth noting that their first client was the Anglo-Dutch multinational Unilever, for which Iago had worked as a freelancer for the previous two years and for which we continue to work on a daily basis. That same year, Inprosec attended its first GRC in Barcelona, where a collaboration agreement was signed with SU53 Solutions.


Agreement with Martyn Proctor (SU53 Solutions)


From the very beginning, training and attendance at events was one of the fundamental pillars of our company, demonstrating to our clients the capacity to update and the passion we have for our work.

In 2011, Inprosec signed a project with an important Spanish-Portuguese client (Cimpor, which would later become VCEAA), which led to the implementation of the first SAP GRC 10 on the Iberian Peninsula. That same year, at the AJE awards, we won the  prize for Quality, which proves that we fight every day to offer the best solutions to our clients. The result of this effort was the achievement of our first customer in Galicia (Industrias Ferri) with whom we continue to work hand in hand today.

In 2012, our first client (Unilever), became a European success story, being co-presented by Michael Saywell and Iago himself at the annual SAP GRC Europe event, held that year in Milan. During 2013, the project of the first SAP GRC 10 in Iberia by Cimpor became a success story in SAP GRC Europe in Amsterdam. In turn, the Inprosec team was able to count on up to 10 people, thanks to the Santander and Feuga scholarships, which allow us to bet on young paid talent while receiving the necessary training to be part of the team. The incorporation of our CEO’s brother, Roi Fortes, was key to boosting the company’s commercial area.


Roi and Iago Fortes


In 2014, Inprosec started what would be its largest project to date, taking on the management and deployment for the business of a global solution in GRC 10 at our first client, being completed in less than a year.

In 2015 the projects with VCEAA were considered a success story in GRC Europe (Nice), achieving in 3 years, 4 success stories with 3 international companies.

The year 2016 was probably one of the most important years for Inprosec, as we opened borders and crossed the ocean to enter the Mexican market by signing our first projects. Our first client was Nemak from the Alfa group, with whom we continue to work today. On the other hand, and not less important, Inprosec was recognized with the “Ardan of High Performance Company” for the period 2012-14 thanks to being a young company with an initial trajectory of growth and very high performance.




The year of news was 2017, as we introduced a new product (SAP Security Assessment) and created a new division called Inprosec Auto, now InprOTech, dedicated to providing cyber security services initially only to the automotive sector, participating in the BFA (Business Factory Auto) accelerator, supported by IGAPE and GAIN (Xunta de Galicia) and by CEAGA, PSA group and the Vigo Free Zone Consortium. This year also saw the incorporation of Álvaro Gómez, José González and Roi Fortes, who joined David and Iago as partners of the Inprosec group. Another big event this year was the attendance at the GRC Americas in Las Vegas, where we presented the Nemak success story.


Presentation at BFA of Inprosec Auto (InprOTech)


The consolidation of the company as a success story took place in 2018, as it was the moment when Inprosec reached one million euros in turnover with a team of 18 people and received the recognition “Ardan global company 2018”.


Inprosec Team in 2018


That same year, Inprosec Auto was participating in the second cycle (the consolidation of the BFA), which was moving towards Industrial Cybersecurity, a sub-sector with many needs and potential. On September 11th, the only SAP GRC event in Galicia took place, presented by our partner José González.


Presentation by José González at SAP GRC of Galicia


The following year, in 2019, the turnover reached 1. 1M euros, and our division of Inprosec Auto became InprOTech, at the end of the cycle in BFA and with the participation in the Cybersecurity Ventures, having been chosen by INCIBE as one of the 10 finalists as a “startup” of cybersecurity in Spain. In addition, at the end of this year we defined our Future Plan for the next three years (2020-2022) whose objective would be to triple our turnover with a team at least twice as big.

From 2020 we could emphasize that we have been for the first time in the RSA (the most important and biggest cyber-security event worldwide) with our own stand inside the Spanish pavilion.


Inprosec at the Spain Pavillion of the RSA in San Francisco


Today, we can only thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us over the past 10 years and for continuing to do so today. And what can we say about the 27 workers that make up the Inprosec team today, who have focused all their efforts on making the company grow day by day, and Álvaro Gómez, our partner, who, without working in the day-to-day running of the company, bet on us. The future is promising, as long as our strategic plan continues to be fulfilled as in the last few years! Thank you very much, and for another 10!


Inprosec’s working partners (David Torres, José González, Roi Fortes and Iago Fortes)

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