10th Anniversary Event

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Last July 21st, in the Círculo de Empresarios de Vigo, we were able to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, after a complicated period due to the pandemic. Accompanied by the people who have helped us to get here, customers, partners, employees, agencies … we enjoyed the presentations and especially the stories that accompany the growth of our company.

The opening of the day was led by the General Manager of Xes Galicia, Rubén Aguión, who made a brief review of the birth and growth of Inprosec, but also of our Industrial Cybersecurity subsidiary InprOTech.



Afterwards, it was the turn of Iago Fortes (Founding Partner and CEO) together with the rest of the partners, David Torres (CH Director and SAP Area Manager), José González (Project Manager), Roi Fortes (Commercial Director) and Álvaro Gómez (Consultant).

In this space, a journey through the history of Inprosec was made. With special emphasis on who we are and what we have achieved in these 10 years, as well as explaining our plans for the future.



Then we enjoyed the “Risk Management” session, moderated by Iago Fortes, accompanied by Álvaro López (Internal Control Manager at Campofrío), Luis Pérez Freire (General Director of Gradiant) and Uxío Fernández (SAP & GRC Consultant at VCEAA).

At this table, they explained how they manage risks on a daily basis, in addition to transmitting us the level of alert or concern that their organizations have about the so-called “security failures”. They also took the opportunity to explain how Inprosec has helped them to improve their risk management.



After the coffee break, we resumed the presentations with the presentation of InprOTech by its Manager Ibán Morillo, who had the opportunity to tell the history and services offered by our subsidiary.



The last table of the event moderated by Ibán Morillo, was led by Adriel Regueira (Head of IT at Tecdesoft), Carlos Blanco (Member of ISMS in its Galician chapter), Belén Pérez (CISO of Nueva Pescanova), Rafael López (Plant Manager at ADHEX) and Miguel Díaz (PhD in Telecommunications Engineering and Professor at UVigo).

We had the opportunity to attend a table where a deep analysis of the state of the Galician industry in terms of cybersecurity, the expected evolution, as well as future work in industrial cybersecurity was carried out.



Finally, our Partner and consultant Álvaro Gómez presented his session “Risks and novelties in Personal Protection” where he put us in context about the trends of the most important blocks in the world (Europe, China and the United States) and the differences between these blocks when dealing with the data of their population.

He also emphasized the novelties, principles, rights and consequences of the GDPR. To conclude with the new risks of Artificial Intelligence and its possible uses.



At the end, we were able to enjoy some snacks where we had the opportunity to talk and reconnect with our fellow travelers who have made all this possible.

Thank you all very much for these 10 years!

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