X Cyber Security Forum of the Cyber Security Centre

Last Thursday, May 27th, we were able to attend the X Cybersecurity Forum event of the Cyber Security Centre held by the ISMS Forum in online format.

There was a lot of talk about the continuing growth in ransomware attacks and the increasing sophistication of such attacks. For example, the recent attack suffered by Colonial Pipeline, an American fuel transportation company that suffered a shutdown and sensitive information was stolen. This type of attack is also causing companies to pay large sums of money, some of which amount to several tens of millions of euros, in order to recover their activity.

On the other hand, it has also been mentioned that security is not only about technology or hardware and software solutions, but it is also necessary to work on it from the point of view of people, raising their awareness and training them in the area and from the point of view of processes. In relation to this point, a lot was said about the importance of third parties, since in many occasions their low security measures cause a security incident in one of their suppliers.

At the same time, the challenges posed by the growing increase of services provided in the cloud were discussed, as well as the responsibility of these companies in providing adequate levels of security, without the end customer losing control and management of their information.

Finally, emphasis was placed on current changes, such as the pandemic, which can be considered a threat. One of the commentators said that the most important thing is not the threats/changes, but how to adapt to them because we are integrated in an environment of constant change.

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