VICON 2019, Primera Edición


Last Saturday, April 13th, ViCON 2019 event took place in Vigo. Currently, it is the only cybersecurity conference held in Galicia. INPROSEC has been present in this initiative, as sponsorship and assistance.

There are a lot of events that highlight the existence of talent in the technologies and the security of information. Keeping an eye on the most recognized Cybersecurity congresses, a group of professionals from the sector, launched the event that we will talk about today.

The first edition has been a complete success, receiving excellent reviews from attendees, sponsors and speakers.


What are the highlights?

  • Current issues have been addressed; hardware hacking with USB devices, drones hacking, computer security in industry or audit techniques for Red Team.
  • The privacy in communications, is certainly a concern, covert communications from a long time ago and the dangers that can exist by electronic geolocation devices.
  • Special mention to the increasing existence of IoT devices in our homes that, if are not correctly configured, can be a point of entry into our networks.
  • Information is power, and this idea is increasing. That is why you should keep you secure as much as possible, both in the business environment and in the personal.
  • Finally, this event has shown that there is a lot of national talent in everything related to Cybersecurity, and that this is only the beginning.


We are looking forward to the ViCON 2020!

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