Octubre ha batido el récord de ciberataques en España

The main objectives were web pages of  Public Institutions such as the Constitutional Court, Casa del Rey or the National Intelligence Center (CNI), which suffered DDoS attacks (denial of service) that left them temporarily inactive, but only 15% succeeded and none caused significant damage, even though two of them had some complexity and tried to steal information.

Luis Jiménez, deputy general director of CCN (National Cryptographic Center), and Javier Candau, head of cybersecurity, placed the origin of these attacks in groups like Anonymous.

CCN has predicted that 2017 will end with more than 26,500 cyber-attacks against the public sector and strategic companies, 26.5%  more compared to 2016. Almost 5% of these incidents (1,200, double last year) are classified as very high impact or critical

Although CCN officials did not want to mention any foreign government responsible for cyber-attacks, they recognized that more than 60 of those classified as critical have States behind them. Some are well known, such as Russia (which has the group APT28, linked to military espionage service GRU) or China, but there are also from allied countries, with which Spain competes economically.

Via: Elpais

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