La apuesta de Galicia por la Ciberseguridad: Presentación Máster Inter-Universitario en Ciberseguridad (UVIGO-UDC)

MUniCS (University Master in Cybersecurity) is the commitment of the University of Vigo and the University of La Coruña to get involved and support the Galician business by training the professionals needed to face the  current and future challenges in the field of Cybersecurity and Information Security.

Next Thursday, May 24, this master’s degree will be presented at the UVigo School of Telecommunications, where we will have the intervention of Iago Fortes, our CEO, representing the “Galician Cybersecurity Network“,  and other professionals of the sector (Abanca; PSA Group, Gradiant …).

You can see the complete agenda and subscribe to the presentation here. Do you have any questions about the contents of the Master? Are you interested in enrolling the course? Get in contact with Munics.

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