Inprosec Human Capital: Óscar Rodríguez

We return with a new chapter of Inprosec Human Capital. Today it is the turn of Óscar Rodríguez, consultant in Information Security projects, and we hope you can get to know him a little better and even laugh at some of his anecdotes.

What is your function within Inprosec?

My main role within the company is as a consultant in Information Security projects. Fundamentally in the most technical part, in the realization of projects of type Test of Intrusion, analysis of vulnerabilities, Audits Wi-Fi, simulation of attacks of Phishing. . . that help the companies to know their weaknesses to protect themselves before possible computer science attacks.

On the other hand, I am involved in projects at a strategic level such as Security Audits or risk analysis based on reference standards (ISO 27001). We are also working hand in hand with the SAP department in the implementation of SAP security assesment projects to protect the systems of SAP user companies. Internally, I play the role of the IT operative, coordinating the technical support team, helping in the resolution of incidents, and carrying out projects and actions for the continuous improvement within the department.

Of the roles you play in the company, which one brings you the most?

Obviously each role brings me interesting things but, without a doubt, the one that contributes most to my professional and personal development is that of a consultant. On the one hand because we help companies to be more secure and on the other hand, we never stop learning and knowing new things. Technology advances rapidly, and that forces us to keep moving forward with it to be always up-to-date.

What has Inprosec meant to your professional career?

Inprosec was my first “serious” job and I have been with the company for almost 5 years now. This is already an indication of what it has meant (and implies) for me. Not only has it given me the opportunity to work in the cybersecurity sector, but it is also a company from my hometown, Vigo. I appreciate very much that Inprosec has allowed me to train (and I continue to do so) not only with my excellent colleagues but also through different courses, talks. . . and through my involvement in projects of different kinds. Personally, I entered the company without any experience in the sector and without having finished my studies, even so they decided to bet on me.

How do you manage to reconcile your personal and professional life?

In my case, not having children is not a problem. In any case, Inprosec encourages teleworking, which allows me, in certain personal situations, to stay at home and work. Furthermore, in my case, I’m doing a master’s degree in cyber security at the University of Vigo (face-to-face) and the company allows me total flexibility in my schedule, as well as helping me financially with the tuition.

Tell us an anecdote that has drawn your attention to a situation at one stage in Inprosec.

It’s an anecdote I experienced with a colleague on a business trip. This was an internal intrusion test and Wi-Fi analysis project planned to be carried out in one week. The project is not really relevant, since it is a personal anecdote that was quite embarrassing at the time, but we laughed a lot afterwards.

It turns out that the company we were going to work for gave us a working area next to the other workers. Once we took out our arsenal of computers/Wi-Fi antennas we got to work, and next to me, in the empty stall next door, there was a green bottle. At the end of the day’s work, there was hardly anyone left in the office and the bottle was still there. I, who am very clean and tidy, in an act of fellowship decided to throw the bottle away. After two days, the cleaning staff had emptied the bins. As it happens, the employee who sat next to me on a trip arrived that day. The first thing he did when he arrived was to ask about his bottle. At first I hesitated to tell him, but he kept asking his colleagues if anyone had seen it, which was a very personal object that he was very fond of and had obtained on a trip. I didn’t know where to go.

What do you value most about working for a company like Inprosec?

I value my colleagues very much above all, but the fact of having flexible hours and being able to telework is also something to be valued, especially in relation to other companies in the sector. Furthermore, Inprosec promotes continuous training, establishing a professional development plan year after year. That’s something few companies can say.

As an employee of a company that specializes in cybersecurity, what is your advice to any entrepreneur who is starting out with respect to their systems?

In the world in which we live, where technology plays a fundamental role and provides us with so many facilities, it is necessary to establish certain controls so that these facilities do not become serious security incidents that impact the business. To do so, they must invest an annual budget in security. There’s no other way.

What are your hobbies at the end of the working day?

Well, mainly music and basketball. Besides being a big consumer of all kinds of music, I’ve been playing the drums for quite a few years now and I love it. I also play on a basketball team (vigo90s) where I share great moments with my teammates and get some exercise. At the end of my working day I also usually watch a lot of movies/series and of course go out for a drink with my friends.

Who do you “nominate” to interview next and why?

I nominate Roi Fortes Caramés, from the commercial area, he is one of Inprosec’s veterans and I’m sure he has many interesting things to tell us.

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