“GPS spoofing”: La falsificación de señales GPS

On June 22, the United States Maritime Administration presented a report on an incident in the Black Sea. A Russian vessel docked in port reported that its GPS placed them in the wrong place, specifically more than 32 kilometers inland.

As soon as the misplacement was detected, they made contact contact with other nearby ships and realize  that their AIS signals, which are used to automatically identify the ships, placed everyone inside the same airport. It could be said that this was the first documented case of ‘GPS spoofing’

The GPS receivers are equipped with an alarm that warns when they lost the signal, therefore is easy to detect when someone is trying to block the GPS signal. On the other hand, spoofing causes the receiver to lie, and   there are no alarms or ways to know what is happening, hence the concern about this  type of attack

Via: Xataka

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