Communique on COVID-19 after de-escalation.

Once the de-escalation period is over, Inprosec has started to develop a new action protocol for all our workers. It is characterized by voluntary attendance at the office and by caution.

Since before the government decreed the state of alarm and at least until August 1st, Inprosec established teleworking in the whole company due to the caution and flexibility that characterizes our company. From that date onwards, the return to work in the office will be entirely voluntary.

Currently, the Management Committee has followed a very conservative strategy, always following the government’s recommendations. At Inprosec we continue to promote teleworking, and a series of measures have been drawn up for those situations in which teams have to work face-to-face. These measures include:

  • Mask required inside the office.
  • Hand sanitizing on arrival at the office and throughout the day.
  • The coffee room will be closed.
  • Safety distance of 1.5 meters despite wearing a mask.
  • It is recommended not to use air conditioning (natural ventilation).
  • Limited seating in the apartments and during meetings, leave a space between team members.
  • During client visits, the rules will be the same as at Inprosec, regardless of whether clients have less restrictive measures.

To date, we have already carried out visits and work at our clients facilities. In all of them we have respected the previously described measures and those agreed with our clients.

For now, we do not know how long these measures will have to be maintained, but what we know is that we will follow the government’s recommendations to the letter. Therefore, at Inprosec we want to encourage the whole of society to continue working as a team as we have done up to now. Let’s not relax, together we’ll beat the virus.

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