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The first Galician cybersecurity meeting (CIBER.GAL) held on November 10 and 11, has come to stay and to be the cybersecurity event of reference in Galicia.

In the world of uncertainty in which we currently live, having the means to promote security management opens the doors to face the future with confidence. That is why this type of event is necessary, where the commitment of the different public-private organizations in terms of awareness to anticipate future threats is shown.

Our commitment with security management and with the Galician cybersecurity NODE “CIBER.GAL” is maximum and it has been a pleasure to participate with our DICI (Industrial Cybersecurity Intelligent Demonstrator) during the two days of the event. We had the opportunity to expose our work, in collaboration with Gradiant and Tecdesoft, for a large part of the public who attended the event.


Our Industrial Cybersecurity Smart Demonstrator

This project is developed by InprOTech, our industrial cybersecurity division. With our motto “the factory cannot stop“, we aim to help companies to maintain sustainable and reliable industrial security levels over time. This project is implemented thanks to the correct network segmentation and real-time monitoring of the security status.



InprOTech, Gradiant and Tecnosoft united at DICI.


The technology consists of a comprehensive security service called Guardian, developed exclusively by InprOTech, Gradiant and Tecdesoft. With DICI, we aim to give visibility to the risks and threats related to poor factory network segmentation that affect countless companies and industrial organizations. Thanks to the ability of InprOTech Guardian to build the network map in real time, you can check the weak points through which an attacker can enter the network, while the alert manager indicates the possible risks when such attacks are taking place.

We would also like to highlight the attendance and participation of students belonging to higher cycles, degrees and masters related to information and communication technologies in the training sessions of the Demonstrator (we hope we have intrigued them).



During the first day of the event, talks were held for the business community. They explained the risks faced by companies and the obligations that we must complete each user in terms of cybersecurity, with talks and presentations of the main Galician organizations and IT managers.

Aids to entrepreneurship in cybersecurity

In this talk Susana de la Fuente, responsible for industry at the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), Pilar Vila, CEO of Forensic and Maria Cobas, CMO of authUSB have tried to demonstrate the importance for Galicia and Spain to have companies specialized in this area, as well as the availability and attraction of young talent, which is growing day by day. From InprOTech we have been fellow travelers, as part of the Cybersecurity Ventures program in 2019 and so they made reference to us both Pilar and Maria, since in that edition we were 3 Galician companies among the 10 finalists.

Risks, consequences and obligations in cybersecurity.

Next, we cannot leave behind the talks given on risks, consequences, legal obligations and the effect of COVID on cybersecurity, given by:

  • Antonio Fernandes (Galician Hacker and Cybersecurity Manager at Finsa Maderera S.A.)
  • Santiago Reboyras (Head of the Technological Investigation Group of the Provincial Brigade of Judicial Police of A Coruña).
  • Roberto Baratta (Director of Loss Prevention in Business Continuity and Security & DPO at ABANCA)
  • Rafael Villaverde (President of
  • Fernando Suárez (President of the Professional Association of Computer Engineering of Galicia)
  • Carlos López (Member of the Galician Chapter of ISMS Forum)
  • Susana Rey (Head of Privacy at R)
  • Belén Pérez (CCI Coordinator in Galicia)
  • David González (Information Security Manager at COREN)
  • Armand Pascual (Deputy Director of the Industrial Cybersecurity area at S2 Group)
  • Iago Crespo (BISO at Grupo Naturgy).

Risks and New Regulations (Sponsored by Inprosec)

After lunch, we would like to highlight the presentation sponsored by our group of Julian Prieto, Deputy Director General of Promotion and Authorizations of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). In it, he informed about the risks and new regulations that we at Inprosec are working on day by day with our team, led by Álvaro Gomez Vieites, and collaborating with our partner Adenda from the legislative side.

In this interesting intervention, Julian Prieto shared relevant data such as the fact that the sanctions applied with the new regulation have been higher in a few years than in several previous years, which shows that European legislation and the AEPD clearly defend the rights of citizens in relation to the protection of their personal data. He also mentioned the tools that the Agency makes available to citizens and companies, to facilitate both the management of data and the defense of their rights.

Capture the flag

Our strategic partners of Gradiant have been in charge of this activity coordinated by Juan González (Security & Privacy Lead) who together with his team was in charge of managing the exercise of “Capture The Flag” in which more than 30 people of different ages participated, being a test with a series of cybersecurity challenges so that participants could demonstrate their skills in solving problems.



The second day was oriented towards the role of the public administration, where visibility was given to public-private collaboration, with investments of more than 12 million euros in the coming years.

Public Administration policies and actions

With the participation of the National Cryptologic Center, Javier Candau, talked about the different policies and actions that the public administration must carry out to fight against cyber threats.

During the talk on the digitization of the Galician public administration, the speakers have intervened to raise awareness of the importance of having qualified profiles in the administration, since the proper functioning of the essential services available to the Galician citizenship depends on them. The participants were:

  • Gustavo Herva (Head of the Security Sub-area of Amtega).
  • Miguel Lorenzo (Head of the IT and Electronic Administration Service of the Provincial Council of A Coruña).
  • Diego Rodríguez (Telecommunications Technical Engineer of the New Technologies Service of the Lugo Provincial Council).
  • Fernando Suárez (Director of the Transparency Area of the Orense County Council)
  • Juan Gabriel Fernández (Head of the New Technologies Service of the Pontevedra Provincial Council)

Interactive session by Marc Vidal

As an interactive session, Marc Vidal, one of the most influential figures in Digital Economy and Technology in our country, has been the speaker in charge of explaining the new challenges facing humanity. He managed to convey a message of technological revolution accompanied by a hopeful uncertainty, where we are presented with a path of great innovations and development yet to be discovered.


Marc Vidal during his interactive session.

Capture the flag awards ceremony

Our strategic partners from Gradiant have been in charge of closing the event with Luis Pérez Freire, who was in charge of opening the awards ceremony of the “Capture The Flag” exercise the day before. These awards were sponsored by R, in relation to the chair they have with the University of Vigo in the school of Telecommunications.



In conclusion, we would like to show our gratitude and satisfaction for the work done, as we are creating the basis for a cybersecurity and technology aware Galicia thanks to a strong commitment to talent and innovation.


This has been the first of many more years of CIBER.GAL and we hope to be there to tell you about them! See you next year!”

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