Android vulnerability puts at risk 900 million devices.

Quadrooter is a new vulnerability of Android devices  that affects all Qualcomm chips, so more than 900 million smartphones and tablets are at risk.
The user may unknowingly lose control of the device while a hacker access to all types of sensitive data, in addition to obtaining permission to perform “keylogging” and GPS tracking or to record audio and video.

Is my business data at risk?

  1. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities that endanger enterprise devices, by exploiting this vulnerability, hackers can take control of the devices and gain access to personal and business data.
  2. Having a virtual mobile infrastructure protects apps and data stored on employee devices.
  3. Even if you have a device affected by QuadRooter, having a virtual version of Android  keeps data safe since its running and being stored on a remote server

Read the notice here: Blog Check Point

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