2020 Achievements and 2021 Objectives

The year 2020, and so far in 2021, has been a really difficult and unexpected period for most of humanity, a unique episode that we had never faced before.

It has been a little over a year since the state of alarm was declared and we were all confined, a moment in which we at Inprosec had to change our way of working and organizing ourselves, but to which we have adapted effectively, just as we do with our clients and our projects, with that orientation to the client and to results that characterizes us.

2020 Achievements

Despite the situation, we have achieved a lot last year, as we have told you:

  • Record turnover: 1.163.584,46€.
    • We have not achieved the sales record, since we are a little lower than last year’s record, but we have again reached the million Euro mark (970k€).
      • IC / InprOTech did achieve its sales targets (92.5k€ / 100k€).
    • We have won 18 new customers and 5 of them SAP; and 3 of them we have won by Inbound by “online” channel, thanks to our web and positioning, 2 SAP.
  • We have made great progress in our 20-22 Master Plan, with a clear definition of Strategy and Objectives in the different areas and the tools for managing and monitoring them.
    • We highlight the achievement of 32 milestones in 2020 of our Master Plan.
  • We have grown and we are growing a lot as a team: we presented an organization chart with 34 people, being 31 today.

2021 Objectives

Focusing on this year 2021, we have a clear door of hope and opportunity. It is time to turn the page and face another small challenge with Easter and the 4th wave, there are already very positive signs of sustainability, such as the minimum number of infections in residences now that all the elderly are vaccinated. The rate of vaccination will increase significantly in Q2 and we will begin to notice a significant change, which will allow us to return to the new normality. As always: patience, head and management (risk and general).

In the same way, we want to achieve our ambitious but achievable 2021 results, for which we need motivation and results orientation. With our day-to-day management and this customer and results orientation, we will achieve this. Again the summary and objectives for 2021:

  • To exceed one and a half million euros in turnover.
  • To achieve sales of just over 1.9 million Euros.
    • With an important bet in IC / InprOTech (Industrial) and a general growth in SAP, especially in Mexico and the rest of the World.
  • Winning many new customers, but at least 3 from our list of key target customers and 7 new customers with recurring service, to reach a total of 20.
  • We will make more progress than ever on our 20-22 Master Plan, thanks to a larger, focused team and a greater investment in external collaborations with our suppliers.
    • We have a target of 72 milestones in 2021, and it is very important that we achieve at least 50 of them (approx. 66%).
    • This will leave us in a position to be able to successfully complete our 20-22 Plan the following year.
  • Great growth of the team: We will soon be 34 and we will end the semester with around 40, to end 2021 with a target of 47 people in the team, plus some external collaborators.


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